Bruno Botvinik


Bruno is the owner and CTO of enova-labs, and a Senior Technology Executive with over 15 years experience directing, developing and executing innovative web and mobile services for startups and leading organizations.


As a successful serial entrepreneur, Bruno has co-founded three startups as CTO on two continents. He sold his first venture, MotionBridge, to Microsoft bringing him from Paris to the vibrant Seattle technology hub.


Bruno specializes in providing technology guidance and building/leading  scalable Mobile and Web products from the ground up, focusing on applying the lean startup methodology to minimize risks and iterate fast.


Bruno holds a Master of Engineering and Computer Science from ESME SUDRIA (Grande Ecole), France.

Bruno Botvinik

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enova-labs is a boutique technology consulting company serving startups and entrepreneurs in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. 


We specialize in providing technology guidance and building scalable products from the ground up to MVP and world class platforms.

Dee Wu

Dee is a Vice President of Product at enova-labs.


Dee is a business-value driver with strong technical background. She is passionate about global markets, product design, user experience as well as product marketing and partner engagement. 

With 12+ years of valuable experience at Microsoft, Starbucks, and other top tech companies, Dee ensures products and services to conform to high industry standards.

With 8+ years of Startup leadership experience, Dee has strong will power and believes that any challenge can be overcome through dedication and smart choices.


Dee has built large network of investors and innovators in Seattle area. 
Achievements and awards:

  • 21 Patents including Businesses Near Me - Advertising Framework for Wireless Networks, Wireless Guest Access, Software Defined Radio

  • Showcase Startup at O'Reilly Publishing Innovation Conference

  • Microsoft Gold Star Award

  • HKAW (Hong Kong and Great China Business Association) Board Member

Bruno Botvinik
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